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Wild Cats

SACC supports the following resolution taken at the World Cat Congress Annual Meeting in 2015 “WCC neither promotes nor approves the presence of wild feline species in connection with a cat show.”

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Partially Qualified Judges

Addison Shirley IJN Longhairs / Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals/Some Foreign Breeds
Grabe Linda CJI Longhairs / Siamese & Orientals
Greaves Natasha KZN Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals
Hansen Sheila KZN Longhairs / Siamese & Orientals
Harper Zolita KZN Longhairs / Siamese & Orientals
King Hazel CPJ Longhairs / Medium Hairs / Foreigns  
Kruger, Mariette IJN Siamese / Orientals
Leih, Grant CJI Longhairs / Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals/Some Foreign Breeds
Lotra Sandra KZN Longhairs / Siamese & Orientals
Moodley Lashan KZN Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals
Nel Pauline CPJ Longhairs / Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals
Pietersen Yvonne CJI Siamese & Orientals
van der Riet, Charlotte CPJ Longhairs / Foreigns
Van Eck-Gain Ingrid CPJ Longhairs / Foreigns / Siamese & Orientals
Wiseman Lance CPJ Medium Hairs / Siamese & Orientals

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