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Wild Cats

SACC supports the following resolution taken at the World Cat Congress Annual Meeting in 2015 “WCC neither promotes nor approves the presence of wild feline species in connection with a cat show.”

Kaai du Plessis



I live in The Kingdom of The Zulu, in Durban South Africa, I live 30 minutes out of Durban in the hilly Kloof area.

I became the proud owner of my Persian cat in 1987 from a breeder in Johannesburg. Show my Persian at a show in 1988. As I was putting my baby in a cage at the show and looking at the other cats, I knew that she was not a good example of the breed.

I decided there and then that if I want a good example, the best will be to breed with my good example to a good example to the right blood lines.

First litter was born in 1989 which produced two Supremes out of the litter.

I have bred out of my lines numerous Supremes. Other breeding was British and had two litters only, and had three Supremes out the two litters.

Currently breeding British.

I am a great believer that judges can learn from breeders, if you want to grow and understand what breeders want to achieve without being negative.


I became a Committee Member of the Persian Cat Society in 1990 and is still a member of the Society. I have been the Treasurer and Chairman of the Persian Cat Society .

I am the Show Manager for the prestigious "World Of Dogs And Cats" from the first championship show to be held in May or November every year.

I was the Vice president of the SACC (Southern Africa Cat Council) for 2002 and 2003.

From 2004 to 2007 the President of SACC and a position that I take very serous to insure the promotion of the cat fancy and pedigree cats.

Currently I am again Vice President.

I have been at 2 Word Cat Congress meetings.

  • Hadfield UK 2006.
  • Dortmund Germany 2007.



I started my first course in 1992 and received my All Breed Judge Status in April 2001.

I found my own breed course Persian difficult as I have to forget my personal differences.

The most difficult course was the Foreign Group as there where 24 different breeds to learn.

I am a Panel Member The Kwa-Zulu Natal Panel of Judges (Natal)

My position in this panel is  training of judges.


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