There is a fast-spreading pedigree kitten scam doing the rounds. Scamsters are using the name and cattery name of registered breeders, creating credible-looking email addresses and are marketing kittens at exorbitant prices and even more exorbitant shipping fees. Of course the kittens do not exist and once payment has been received, the ‘breeder’ vanishes and the number no longer works. Some complainants have mentioned "West Africa/French accents" when they did, in early phases of the buying process, spoken to these fraudulent "breeders".
We urge you to please do due diligence and confirm email addresses and telephone numbers of breeders with the 3 South African cat registration bodies before responding to any adverts. If what is seen in an advert or email differs from what the registration bodies’ supply, BE AWARE! All reputable breeders would have to be registered with at least one of these bodies. Also see http://www.kittycat.co.za/warning-kitten-scams/

NC/FS Cat Club is the host for the SACC Cat of the Year 2012. The show and dinner will take place at the Horseshoe Inn, Kimberley on 11 August 2012.




Dowload the booking form here.

Accommodation is available at the Horseshoe Inn and you can therefore walk from your rooms to the show hall or to the dinner venue. Other accommodation option and tariffs are available on the next page or you can contact Carol at cdkotze@solplaatje.org.za or 082 719 1465 for more accommodation options.

Horseshoe Centre
Cape Town Road (N12)
28 45'59.18 S | 24 45'19.82 E
Tel 053 832 5267
Fax 053 831 1142

Cat friendly accommodation

Horseshoe Inn, Tel 053 832 5267, Fax: 053 831 1142, email: horseshoeadmin@telkomsa.net.
Tariff: Bed & Breakfast ΓÇô single ΓÇô R415 per day. Bed & Breakfast per person sharing R250 per day.
Airport Hotel, 27 Mac Dougall Street, Kimberley, 8301. Tel 053 802 7980, Fax 053 802 7981, email: airportshotel@telkomsa.net, Co-ordinates: 28 45ΓÇÖ59.43 S 24 45ΓÇÖ25.42 E
Tariff: Bed & Breakfast per person sharing R295 per day. Bed & Breakfast ΓÇô single ΓÇô R520 per day.
Sundowner Lodge: 1 Bishop Ave, Kimberley. Email: sundowner@telkomsa.net Tel: 053 33 7236 Fax: 053 831 1147. Tariff: Bed & Breakfast per person sharing R295 per day. Bed & Breakfast ΓÇô single ΓÇô R415 per day.
Here is the list of guest houses who will take cats:
At Judys Guest House - 082 051 5007 Email: info@atjudys.co.za Website: http://www.wheretostay.co.za/atjudys/ (Highly recommended)

Carters Rest Guest House - 071 174 9001 E-mail: bookings@cartersrest.co.za website: www.cartersrest.co.za (AA certified). (Highly recommended)

Aletheim - 053 832 1907 / 082 553 1366
Ambassador Lodge - 053 831 7937 / 082 955 4760
Belgravia B&B - 053 832 8368 /082 224 3605
Bell-Lu Guest House - 053 833 1098 / 083 738 1120
Five Acres Guest House - 053-861-1179/082 465 1176 http://www.fiveacres.co.za/
Jungnickel Guest House - 053 832 5630 / 073 588 7600
Marrick Safaris - 053 833 7004 / 083 649 9964
Oak Rest Guest House - 053 842 0653 / 084 808 33580
The Estate Private Hotel - 053 832 2668 /082 824 8710
They are all members of the Kimberley Guest House Association, and they have a website where people can pick up the tariffs and see what each offers, if they would like to browse through and look for these guest houses to get more info before calling them: www.kimberleybeds.co.za
Rosettes: See booking form or contact Suzette for information Cell: 083 294 6433 or e-mail suzette@vandebald.co.za
Awards dinner: See booking form if you would like to attend the gala awards dinner. Contact either Wendy cell 083 633 3344 e-mail wendywelham@gmail.com or Suzette cell 083 294 6433 e-mail suzette@vandebald.co.za for more information about the dinner.
All finalist need to buy their own tickets so please do so as soon as you know whether you have qualified. Everyone wanting to attend the Coty dinner event please book a.s.a.p.
Please note: Bookings that have been paid for will be given preference so if you have booked a ticket but not paid for it your place could be given to someone that has paid.
Booking Form also available on our website: http://www.ncfscatclub.co.za/coty.html



L 'Unique SACC

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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