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In 2013 there was the least Breed Group activity since the inception of the Breed Groups in 1996. This is cause for concern, as breeders are placing their rights to have a say in their breeds back into the hands of the clubs and judges only; something we all fought so hard to change.

The General ballot this year contained several pages of proposed colour and eye colour changes, and so many breeders were not eligible to vote, as their Breed Group memberships had lapsed or their Breed Groups have ceased to exist.

Electronic and social media have become real time sources of sharing breed and cat related information, promoting breeds and educating breeders and owners about the care and husbandry of these breeds.

The Breed Groups Report contains summary of the proposals and the outcome of the voting during the SACC Governing Council AGM for 2013.

The revised standards will be added to this website shortly.

Ingrid de Wet -  SACC: Breed Council Secretary

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