December Message from SACC President

This year has come and gone andy ou are all hopefully all planning a quiet and peaceful time over the holiday period.

My first year as the President of SACC is over and for that I have only one word: CHALLENGING. I can only thank the SACC management and delegates for the support during the year.

Our approach during the year was to go back to basics and address issues as effective as possible and as soon as possible.. 

Certain pressing issues were successfully addressed in the past year.

The Governing Council just had its AGM, which was followed up by another business meeting and feedback will be given in this newsletter on the action items out of these meetings. I wrote in the previous newsletter that SACC had to address the matter to deal with complaints in the absence of the Ethics Committee. Again no Ethics Committee was formed for 2009, but an alternative system to handle  complaints was accepted at the  AGM and some complaints have already been dealt with successfully through this system. The new system is discussed further in the December newsletter.

Another pressing issue which was discussed is out-crossing . There are so many views by breeders regarding this topic that GC has decided to put this issue in the hands of the breeders via the breed groups. The fact remains that you need to belong to a breed group if you want to have a say in any outcrosses allowed for your breed.

The SACC Governing Council had to face a lot of criticism during the year regarding our management style. This varied from being too lenient and not enough controls, to being autocratic. I want  challenge our members to test our processes to experience the  decision power you do have as a member and breeder in SACC.

I then want you to take it further and compare it to the other associations in South Africa. I think the outcome will be quite interesting. You will see that the decentralized system in SACC where the clubs have the decision power, are far more democratic than where the decision in an association lies with a management committee only, or with one individual with no management committee in another.

I want to repeat and ask you the members to get involved in your local clubs if you want to be involved in the running of SACC. That is the only way to ensure that issues are getting addressed. The show list for next year has been finalized.

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, have a peaceful and merry festive season. For the rest, just have a quiet and safe time. Look after your cats while they are doing their thing in this breeding season.

See you at the shows in 2009.

Jan van Rooyen
President of SACC

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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