March: Message from the Editor

SACC is very concerned that its breeders should be acting responsibly so, when Jane Goble sent out the letter to Burmese breeders, it seemed appropriate to publish it widely.

By co-incidence, the cat whom I tragically lost last week, from complications caused by a recessive gene, was the same breed as Jane’s letter discusses. While researching,  I also came across a reference to another little known genetic condition that can affect European Burmese (in North America as well as mainland Europe).
Gangliosidosis is a neurological condition which may be fatal. It has also been seen in Siamese, Korats and domestics. A human version is called Tay-Sachs disease.
All this does not mean that Burmese are a genetically unhealthy breed. On the contrary, because these conditions are so rare, it is unreasonable to expect our vets to keep them front of mind all the time. It is up to us, as responsible cat owners and breeders, to know about our own breeds.
It is time to think about nominating peo-ple to serve on the executive of SACC: this is your chance to ―put something back. (Deadline 1 June)

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