Show Rules Changes

Five proposed changes to the Show Rules were presented at the AGM for discussion and voting.

Two of these proposals were accepted as rule changes. The new rules and reasons for the change are as follows:

Show Rule 3: Complaints against persons.
(e) The person referred to in Paragraph 3 above, has the right to refer the matter to the GC of SACC for review in terms of the rules of the Ethics Committee.

Reason: At present SACC does not have a formal Ethics Committee- complaints and reviews are conducted by the GC Delegates who follow the laid down Ethics Committee Rules which appear in the Constitution.

Show Rule 19: Entries.
19.i) The committee may refuse any entry or entries provided that a valid reason for doing so is given.

Reason: An exhibitor has the right to know exactly why entry/entries are refused.



  • There are some exhibitors who dress up their cats with fluffy or sparkling jewellery and this issue was raised and discussed at the AGM. Therefore SACC appeals to those exhibitors to stop because:
    many SACC shows are sponsored by Royal Canin, a company which was founded on the principles of knowledge and respect- that is respect for the natural beauty of the cat.
  • last year SACC was advised by the SPCA that it was in breach of the Performing Animals Protection Act and that unless a “performing” license was obtained from a Magistrate cat shows would be closed and fines could be imposed.

SACC Management consulted a lawyer who dealt with the situation and, touch wood, there has been no further contact from the SPCA.
Please could you  kindly refrain from dressing up your cats.  
Let’s show that we have respect for our sponsor, Royal Canin and let’s not give the impression to some that our cats are indeed “performing” as fashion models.

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