COTY 2016

COTY 2016 will be hosted by PCS and will take place in KwaZulu Natal.  Theme, venue and accommodation news!

VENUE- The Secret Garden, 9 Bisley Road, Pietermaritzburg.
The venue is nestled in the Bisley Nature Reserve and you may see Giraffe, Zebra and an assortment of different African Buck species.
Visit the website:
Or “Google” to find out all the answers to the questions you may have.

ACCOMMODATION – The venue’s accommodation is extremely limited and will be used by the Judges, Scorekeepers, Photographers and the COTY Management – in other words, the people who work from early morning to late night to make sure you can arrive, bench your cat and have a good time.
And of course those same people will still be working when you are tucked up in bed. There are numerous B&Bs in the surrounding areas, the COTY Team will advise on the “pet friendly” ones- but you can also use “Google”!

THEME – “Bohemian Rhapsody”- I can hear some of you saying “What is Bohemian?” Well it means something different to everyone- a non-conformist, usually connected to the arts in some way, a person living his life his way, etc.
Bohemia is an actual place in the Czech Republic as well as the name of a Hamlet in New York. Bohemian lifestyle has been around since before we were all born-
Originating in France during the 1800’s, Bohemians frequented and starred in the Moulin Rouge, were Courtesans (paid ladies) and were artistically unconventional like the artist Toulouse Lautrec or author Victor Hugo. Gypsies and Vagabonds have always lived and still live a Bohemian lifestyle.
In the 50’s there were Beatniks- who played bongo drums, listened to jazz, smoked “pot”, recited poetry and wore berets and polo neck jumpers. Then the Hippies of the 60’s – with more “pot”, flowery clothing and Bob Dylan etc.
Then came the folk era with Steeleye Span & Janis Joplin etc.
Followed by the Heavy Metal scene and the great “unwashed” musicians such as Bob Geldof.
So the code of dress is: anything you want it to be just be unconventional!!

Jan, SACC’s Treasurer has already requested sponsorship from Royal Canin.

If anyone wants to offer donations or help for COTY, I’m sure Jane Goble would love to hear from you, contact her at

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
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