News from Governing Council

Three clubs have new Governing Council Delegates.

We welcome Hanneke Strubing from TCS- Hanneke works for Sasol as a Chemical Engineer and is a young, vibrant lady with fresh ideas. Also joining us is Mariana Ciacciariello from PCS- Mariana is originally from Argentina and works in Veterinary Research at University, so will be a an absolute asset to SACC. And we are pleased that Shirley Addison is joining us again- this time as the delegate from RCC. Shirley runs her own business and is extremely level headed.
Our Registrar, Johan van Rooyen, is still recovering from complicated spinal surgery. Please remember that everyone responds to treatment or surgery differently and many external, as well as internal, factors affect the recovery phase so be compassionate and show patience.
It is quite sad that only a very small handful of people “work” for the Fancy; – but it is amazing how many people make comments about the Fancy on Social network platforms. A task shared is a task halved!
I so wish that I lived in a fantasy world where everyone was happy to “muck in” and be actively involved in the Cat Fancy as a whole.
Show season is well under way, many of you chasing COTY points- just keep the competitive spirit under control and be pleased for all the cats, even those which beat your cat!
Motto for today: A gracious loser is a beautiful cat person.

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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