Show Rules Changes (2016 AGM)

Nine proposed changes/additions to the Show Rules were presented at the AGM for discussion and voting.

Seven of these proposals were accepted as rule changes/additions. The new rules are as follows (the additions/changes are underlined):

Show Rule 8.1(p):
Except for the judge who is judging the cat, the handler of the cat and a show official, no other person shall be allowed at the judge’s table/judge’s trolley. All other people shall remain within the dedicated public areas, from where they can view the judging process or at a distance from the judge. Exception may be made, at the discretion and prior approval of the show manager, for the purposes of training SACC student and probationer judges.
Reason: The addition was necessary to make provision for training judges.

Show Rule 18:

(a) The committee may offer such prizes and make such classification and definitions thereof subject to the definitions of these rules, as they think fit, except:

i. no classes or prizes may be offered for any progeny sired by a special cat;
ii. no free service from any particular stud cat may be offered as a prize;
iii. when power to cancel or amalgamate classes, or to alter prize lists, or to return entries is reserved, it must be prominently stated in the schedule of the show and exhibitors shall be notified to exercise such power at least 3 days previous to the date of the show, and entrance fees thereby affected shall be returned, but in the case of cancelled classes exhibitors in such classes shall be notified of intention to exercise by post three days before the show;
iv. kitten classes can be subdivided at the discretion of the Show Committee;
v. unregistered classes can be subdivided at the discretion of the Show Committee;

(b) prize cards shall not be placed on pens in any section until the advertised time of opening of the show to the public, and only then if all judging, including specials, in that section has already been conducted, except where the cards do not identify the exhibit or exhibitor.

(c) if possible, female cats should be placed in cages between males in the various classes. Entire males shall not be placed in adjoining cages at any time.

(d) if the show manager makes a technical error in the classification of a cat in a judge’s book, and it can be rectified on the day of the show, the judge must accept the show manager’s decision.

(e) the aisles between the rows of cages must be a minimum of 1.5m wide.

(f) NO SMOKING be allowed in halls containing cats. This is to apply to all cat club personnel, judges, stewards and general public.

(g) Only one cat per cage in competition classes at any SACC show, while judging is in progress and at the discretion of the show manager.

(h) Show cats shall have the translucent tips of their nails clipped before being benched for shows.

(i) An exhibitor shall not move his exhibit from its show cage to its travelling container, and/or leave the show hall with his exhibit, until the end of the show, as announced by the show manager, except with written approval from the show manager, in a case where an exhibitor has removed his exhibit without prior approval, the show manager may, in his discretion: declare any awards gained null and void and advise the SA Cat Registrar accordingly, and/or impose a fine on the exhibitor, and/or impose a ban on the exhibitor’s future show participation at shows held by the hosting club at whose show the offence occurred.

Show Rule 31: (New clause added)

31(c) Student and pupil judges from any organization may be permitted to observe judging from within the judging area. The observer shall not initiate conversation with the judge. The presence of such observer shall take place only at the discretion of the show manager and with his prior approval, and with consideration of other training supervised by the judge, and the interest of the cats and exhibitors.
The training of SACC student/pupil judges shall take precedence.

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