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he World Cat Congress has collaborated with Royal Canin in the production of a new Cat Encyclopedia that was launched at the Royal Canin “International Cat Breeders Convention” in La Grande Motte, France in June 2017.

Nearly 20 years after its first edition, the Royal Canin Encyclopedia has been entirely redesigned with new content and updated layout.

The 496 page reference document brings together the latest state-of-the art knowledge about cats, co-written by 18 scientists, veterinarians and cat-experts from around the world.

The Encyclopedia is organized into 2 main themes:
1 - The first part of the book focuses on 58 distinctive cat breeds and on the ‘Cat Fancy’, the world of cat shows and has been created in collaboration with the World Cat Congress.
2 - The second part discusses elements such as the role cats play in todays’ society, their evolution from their origins as a solitary predator to their current life as a pet.

The book also includes information on what are the main diseases in cats and how to detect them, as well as exclusive insights into cat anatomy, behavior and physiology and how their origin has an impact on these.

Royal Canin believes that it is essential to learn about, understand and respect these behavioral and physiological insights in order to ensure a cat’s well-being.

The Cat Encyclopedia aims to share scientific knowledge about cats to the general public.



In 2019 SACC will again host World Cat Congress. This time it will be held in Cape Town.


To generate much needed funds to make a success of this event, SACC will be raffling one of these encyclopedias. The raffle will be R100 and 5 tickets will be allocated to each person who enter for this competition. There is only 500 tickets available, so the first 100 entries will be accepted. To qualify for the raffle, a simple question needs to be answered correctly. Only emailed entries will be accepted.


Question: Who launched the new Cat Encyclopaedia in June 2017?


Email your answer to, including proof of payment. No entries without payment will be accepted. Once payment is received, your 5 tickets will be emailed to you.


The closing date is 18 May 2018 or when all the tickets have been sold.


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