Ingrid de Wet

I got my first Colourpoint, a blue point female on 6 June 1980 This was the start of my love affair with the Colourpoint Persian. Because I lived in Port Elizabeth, I had access to only one show (in those days!) per year. For any other how I had to travel to Cape Town or another centre. Because I was so isolated, I joined every Colourpoint/ Himalayan breeders ' group in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe ( if I was able to read the language I joined!) I could find!

Nine years later I moved to live in Benoni, where I was able to show cats several times a year without making a big expedition out of the weekend. I stewarded at every show, and eventually started acting as Head Steward more and more often. It was inevitable that I would start working on my training towards a future cat judge.

I became a member of the Cat Fanciers ' Club of SA in 1980 and a committee member in 1988 and filled several portfolios over the years. I was Editor for the Cat Fancier 's Club magazine for several years and helped with shows until I found myself acting as show manager for the CFC shows in the mid nineties. I have represented the CFC as their Delegate at times and have been SACC Breed Council Secretary since 1996.

Like so many of my SACC fellow judges, I have been privileged to judge in other countries. I have judged in several cities in Australia, in New Zealand and in Paris, France. My most recent trip was to Namibia where I met my fellow African Exhibitors.

These travels have made me realize what a high standard is maintained by our local breeders, sometimes in the face of great difficulty. I have great admiration for my fellow South African breeders who dedicate themselves to the betterment (on all levels) of their respective breeds. Keep up the fight! It is worth it!

Today I am still dedicated to the improvement of my chosen breed, The Colourpoint Persian I act as Show Manager for CFC at least one show per year and get the opportunity to handle the beautiful breeds out there when I assess them as an All Breeds judge.


Ingrid de Wet Judge SACC


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