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Judges Council Constitution - Current

The Southern Africa Council of Cat Judges' Constitution.


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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 10:59

SACC Steward's Forum and Stewards



1.1 To protect the Interest of Stewards

1.2 To educate members of the Forum.

1.3 To organize workshops or Stewards courses.

1.4 To encourage members to develop their skills in stewarding.

1.5 To promote good relations between Stewards, Exhibitors, Judges and Show Officials.

1.6 To produce a training manual.


There shall be a Stewards' Forum in each of the following centres:

2.1 Johannesburg

2.2 Durban

2.3 Port Elizabeth

2.4 Cape Town


3.1 Any person interested in Stewarding at Cat Shows shall register as a member.

3.2 Any person over the age of 14 years may register as a member.

3.3 A fully paid up member of a Cat Club associated to SACC.


An annual membership fee of R10.00 is payable on/or before January 1st. Payment to be effected directly to the Secretary of the Stewards' Forum, of that region.


Stewards will be divided into three (3) sections depending on their qualifications and experience, namely:

5.1 Trainee

5.2 Junior Steward (minimum age of 16)

5.3 Senior Steward (minimum age of 18)


6.1 Member Stewards shall elect a Chairperson and Secretary from amongst themselves.

6.2 The Secretary will be responsible for all communication between the Forum and other Offices of SACC and its members. The Secretary shall be in control of all income and expenditure and account annually to the members.


7.1 All members shall have 1 vote.

7.2 In the event of an equal number of votes no person shall have a deciding vote.

7.3 The Committee shall meet from time to time by giving notice to all members.

7.4 The business of the Forum shall be conducted in writing, by fax, telephone or e-mail.


The members of The Stewards Forum are subject to the Rules of SACC and submit themselves to the disciplinary Rules as set out in the Constitution of SACC.


9.1 Head Stewards shall report any complaint to the Show Manager concerned and submit a written report to the Committee of the Forum in the event of any complaint.


10.1 Stewards shall wear a white covering (coat, jacket, shirt) that must be buttoned up while cats are being handled.

10.2 No strong smelling perfume, after shave or deodorant may be worn; some cat react negatively to strong scents.

10.3 Tinkling bangles, long earrings, etc. shall not be worn as they can become entangles in claws or startle nervous cats.

10.4 Long hair must be tied back from the face.


11.1 Stewards shall not talk or comment to a judge busy judging an exhibit. Questions may only be asked after the judge has finished writing his/her book or finished a class.

11.2 Stewards shall not pass the judge's opinion on an exhibit on to the owner of that cat or other exhibitors.

11.3 Stewards shall refrain from speaking to judges while Supreme Classes or Best in Show Classes are being judged.

11.4 A Steward shall not take a nervous or fractious cat out of a cage for another Steward if that cat belongs to him/her, a member of the same household or a family member in the first degree.


12.1 Stewards shall arrive at the time stipulated by the Show Manager to complete the vetting in and benching of their own cats before the bulk of exhibitors arrive so that waiting in queue to vet in their cats does not delay the starting of their duties.

12.2 Stewards shall report to the Head Steward or Show Manager in order to have their judges/duties assigned to them.

12.3 After their judges have completed judging, Stewards shall be available throughout the course of the day for duties such as giving water to exhibits, cleaning litter trays, placing rosettes on cages and handling or fetching cats for Best in Show judging.

12.4 If the Steward knows or has bred a cat in a class, or has knowledge of who owns a cat in a class, the Steward should act with the utmost diplomacy so that the judge would be totally unaware of the situation.

12.5 Failure to comply with the wishes and or requests of the Show Manager may result in a written reprimand via the Stewards' Forum.


13.1 In the event of any proposals, recommendation or amendment of a rule relating to Stewards matters, the Secretary shall forward these proposals to all other Stewards' Forums for their voting.

13.2 The weight of these opinions shall form the basis for an annual poll (in questionaire form) prepared by the Secretary.

13.3 At least 50% of all members from the various Stewards' Forums must have responded.

13.4 The Secretary of each Stewards' Forum shall forward those results from the polls to the Secretary of SACC to be included in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting of GC of SACC for voting.

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Ingrid de Wet

I got my first Colourpoint, a blue point female on 6 June 1980 This was the start of my love affair with the Colourpoint Persian. Because I lived in Port Elizabeth, I had access to only one show (in those days!) per year. For any other how I had to travel to Cape Town or another centre. Because I was so isolated, I joined every Colourpoint/ Himalayan breeders ' group in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe ( if I was able to read the language I joined!) I could find!

Nine years later I moved to live in Benoni, where I was able to show cats several times a year without making a big expedition out of the weekend. I stewarded at every show, and eventually started acting as Head Steward more and more often. It was inevitable that I would start working on my training towards a future cat judge.

I became a member of the Cat Fanciers ' Club of SA in 1980 and a committee member in 1988 and filled several portfolios over the years. I was Editor for the Cat Fancier 's Club magazine for several years and helped with shows until I found myself acting as show manager for the CFC shows in the mid nineties. I have represented the CFC as their Delegate at times and have been SACC Breed Council Secretary since 1996.

Like so many of my SACC fellow judges, I have been privileged to judge in other countries. I have judged in several cities in Australia, in New Zealand and in Paris, France. My most recent trip was to Namibia where I met my fellow African Exhibitors.

These travels have made me realize what a high standard is maintained by our local breeders, sometimes in the face of great difficulty. I have great admiration for my fellow South African breeders who dedicate themselves to the betterment (on all levels) of their respective breeds. Keep up the fight! It is worth it!

Today I am still dedicated to the improvement of my chosen breed, The Colourpoint Persian I act as Show Manager for CFC at least one show per year and get the opportunity to handle the beautiful breeds out there when I assess them as an All Breeds judge.


Ingrid de Wet Judge SACC


Wednesday, 27 June 2007 09:10

Cat of the Year 2007 Finalists

The All Breeds Cat Club announces the finalists in the 2007 Cat of the Year!



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Tuesday, 19 June 2007 00:30

How do I become a judge at cat shows?

The intial criteria to be a judge:

  • Be over the age of 21 years at commencement of course
  • Be a paid up member of at least one of the recognised clubs affiliated to SACC.
  • Have completed at least 8 satisfactory stewarding assignments at recognised cat shows

Promising stewards may be invited to submit a CV.

Saturday, 30 December 2000 01:19

Cat of the Year 2000

Winners of the 2000 Cat of the Year Competition.
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Thursday, 28 December 2006 21:48

Judges Council Constitution - Current

The Southern Africa Council of Cat Judges' Constitution.


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Show Managers Forum

Show Managers Forum

The Show Managers Forum produces a training manual and handbook to encourage innovation and creativity in Show Management.

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