Show Managers Forum

Show Managers Forum

The Show Managers Forum produces a training manual and handbook to encourage innovation and creativity in Show Management.


1.1 To promote innovativeness and creativity in management of shows.
1.2 To manage the co-ordination of activities between Show Managers.
1.3 To evaluate and improve management skills.
1.4 To produce a Show Managers handbook.
1.5 To produce a training manual.
1.6 To produce a listing to Clubs of all factors that determine a good show.
1.7 To encourage clubs to have as many shows possible throughout the year.
1.8 To overcome obstacles regarding administration of shows.
1.9 To act as an advisory service to Show Managers.
1.10 To ensure continuity between Show Managers.
1.11 To co-ordinate show dates between clubs.
1.12 To co-ordinate Judges between clubs.
1.13 Maintain updated booklet on Show Rules.
1.14 To attract Breed Groups to hold shows under the auspices of a Club within its region.
1.15 To educate Show Managers.


2.1 The Central Office of The Show Managers shall rotate annually, between the centres, namely Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.
2.2 The centre acting as the Central Office shall indicate the Show Managers eligible as Chairperson and Secretary


3.1 All Show Managers of all member Cat Clubs to SACC and Show Managers of Affiliated Breed Groups managing shows under the auspices of a member Cat Club shall be members of the Show Managers Forum.
3.2 Each Cat Club shall pay a membership fee of R30.00 annually to the elected Secretary


4.1 The Chairperson and Secretary shall be elected by mail ballot.
4.2 Candidates shall submit their declaration to the current Secretary on/or before April 30. Upon receipt of all candidates declarations, the Secretary shall prepare mail voting ballots for election to be posted to all Clubs for election. Only voting members are eligible to vote. One vote per member.
4.3 Ballots shall be returned to the Secretary on/or before July 31.
4.4 The Secretary will advise the Results after August 31 by correspondence


5.1 All members shall have 1 (one) vote.
5.2 Since the membership of the Show Managers Forum is so widely distributed, there will be no meeting of membership.
5.3 The business of the Forum shall be conducted by telephone, fax, e-mail or in writing.
5.4 The Chairperson and Secretary shall carry on the day to day operation


6.1 The Members of the Show Managers Forum submit themselves to the Rules and Constitution of SACC.
6.2 Any disciplinary actions against or by a member shall be submitted to GC of SACC and investigated by the Ethics Committee


7.1 In the event of any proposals, recommendations, amendment or abolishment of any Show Rule related to Shows and Show Managers, the proposals will be forwarded to the Secretary.
7.2 The weight of these opinions shall form a basis of an annual poll (in questionaire form) prepared by the Secretary and posted to all Cat Clubs for election.
7.3 At least 50% of the Clubs must have responded.
7.4 The Secretary will forward those ballot results to the Secretary of SACC to be included in the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting for Ratification by GC of SACC.


Each Cat Club shall remain independent and no decision or motion accepted by 50% of the members of the Forum will bind any Club, unless ratified and sanctioned by GC of SACC at an Annual General Meeting.


The Secretary or Treasurer to keep proper record of all income and expenditure and submit such report to the Treasurer of SACC for inclusion in the Annual Balance Sheet and Expenditure Account of SA Register to be submitted to GC of SACC.

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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